Find your blue sky.

Like all business and marketing leaders, you have your sights set on big things.

Yet too often, the urgent day-to-day matters can keep you and your team busy, leaving little time or space to plan for the heights you know your business has the ability to reach.

You Need a Co Pilot.

Someone to help your company build momentum while you and your team are flying the plane.

That’s me. I help you turn your business dreams and goals into plans and action by building on the brand assets you have today.

And I show how you and your team can use these to open up new opportunities to play a bigger role in the lives of your customers — and achieve new heights for your business as a result.

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Client Spotlight:

Indeed get jobs


I provided insights that enabled alignment, clarity, and resonance with both jobseeker and employer audiences.

The #1 job site sought to evolve both jobseeker brand communications and its global enterprise employer strategy. I organized insights from primary and desktop research to provide strategic themes and marketing recommendations for multiple senior audiences within the organization.

This work contributed to not only strategic and marketing alignment and clarity, but also a culturally resonant take on Indeed’s mission to help people get jobs, premiering at Super Bowl LV.

I chart the course and steer high-priority projects to help you make the most of your brand.

  • Express your brand more clearly and use it to add impact to everything you do.

  • Grow your audience by showing how your product fits into their lives.

  • Drive engagement and purchase through your site and other touchpoints.

  • Explore new products or business models while protecting what’s tried and true. 

  • Build strategic, integrated marketing plans that optimize spend and impact.

  • Help people get to know, fall in love with, and experience your brand and products.

10 ways I've taken brands to new heights.

And how I can help your business grow.

Brand Evolution and
Design Guidance

Brand Example — Nordstrom

Marketing Channel and Audience Engagement Strategies

Engagement Example — YETI

Messaging, Content, Influencer, and PR Strategies

Messaging Example — Frost Bank

Creative Inspiration
and Guidance

Creative example — Cheerios

Audience Definition, including High-Value Advocates and Future Prospects

Audience Example — Totino's

Consumer Research Insights
and Implications

Insights Example — Tuesday Morning

Brand Positioning, Personality,
Voice, and Tone

Purpose Example — Nordstrom Beauty

Product, Service, or
Revenue Model Expansions

New Products Example — Lemi Shine

Product Messaging and
Label Updates

Product Messaging Example — Wondercide

Quick Wins Across a Brand's Marketing Ecosystem

Quick Wins Example — YETI Custom
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Meet Your Co Pilot.

In 15 years of professional experience, I’ve been lucky to help brands from enterprise to entrepreneur, 150 years-old to one, premium to off-price, financial to hospitality, and retail to CPG. 

I have deep experience in branding, digital and social, advertising and messaging, research and measurement, and marketing planning.

With a Bachelor’s in business and a Master’s in brand strategy, I connect business principles and marketing initiatives with break-through creative impact and deep resonance with your target audience. 

I’ve overseen large, multi-discipline teams at advertising agencies, spent time embedded in marketing teams at large companies, and led brand management for a company with manufacturing, direct-to-consumer, retail, and regulatory components.

Let's talk about your next project.

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