👋 "This is your Co Pilot speaking."

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with executives to architect forward-looking brand visions, provided deep insight into the motivations of target audiences, and developed marketing strategies to achieve business goals. 

I’ve worked with designers to develop brand guides that anyone can use as a toolkit, and I’ve spearheaded site updates to provide a digital experience that brings it all together. 

Brands of note include Cheerios, Nordstrom, Frost Bank, and Guidehouse  — as well as local Austin brands YETI, Lemi Shine, Wondercide Natural Products, Thirsty Planet Brewing, Allure Real Estate, and Indeed.

I’d love to put my experience to work for you.

I hold a Master’s degree in Communications Strategy from VCU Brandcenter, the top-rated graduate advertising program, and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Marketing and Management) from the University of Virginia, a top-five undergraduate business program and 2019 men’s basketball National Champions. 

I live in southwest Austin, TX, with my wife, two young children, and dog Boo Radley.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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